5-Day Challenge

From Cravings to Control

Overcome cravings using a PCOS-friendly diet approach and emotional nourishment. Join our live event (replays will be available).

Challenge starts on Monday, October 3, 2022


What you'll get out of this challenge in just 30 minutes per day:

Understand the underlying hormonal imbalances in women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) that cause cravings, mood swings, depression and anxiety.

Create a PCOS-friendly diet that will help you overcome cravings and make you feel better. 

Learn how you can support your diet with supplements. 

Get in tune with your emotions and identify cravings of the soul.

Fill your emotional needs, so you can live a fulfilled and happy life.

You will receive a 5-day challenge workbook, a PCOS-friendly recipe book and a meal plan, so you can save time and easily put into action what you’re learning.

I will share 3 invaluable lifestyle hacks with you that will help you tremendously on your journey from cravings to control. I can’t wait to reveal them to you!

This challenge is for Women with PCOS who are ready to take back control.

"My Diet has Greatly Improved"

“Nadine has helped me better plan my meals, assisted me on various types of tests to get done which could help lead to the root causes of my PCOS. Her helpful tips and suggestions as well as vast knowledge in PCOS has helped me reach the goals I’ve set. I have seen significant changes in my symptoms, my hair’s growing back, my diet has greatly improved. I have no more inflammation and my weight has improved as well.”

PCOS Coach Nadine Sommer

Tame your Inner Cookie Monster!

Hi there! I’m Nadine.

If you’re a cysters, you know how hard it is to manage PCOS when sugar cravings and binge eating attacks get in the way. 

In this free live-training, I’ll be sharing practical diet and lifestyle tips with you, that will help you overcome cravings and take back control. 


How Does the Challenge work?

 The challenge will take place inside the “PCOS Weight Loss & Management” Facebook Group.

I will go live for 30 minutes per day starting on Monday, October 3, until Friday, October 7, 2022.

Every day there will be an action step for you to complete.

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