I believe PCOS can be managed using a holistic approach to healing.

I love empowering women, coaching women, improving the lives of women. This is what makes me get up every morning. Always starting with myself. 

This page is dedicated to happiness, because everybody deserves to be happy – yes, cyster, that includes you. It’s part of our human nature to move away from pain and seek happiness, whether it’s in the form of feeling healthy and strong, having a child or being full of energy to do our daily tasks.

I believe there is a difference between joy and happiness. Happiness occurs when we reach a certain state. Joy is something that should accompany the tasks that get us there. Let’s find joy in the journey!

Nadine's Happiness Coaching Portal

Welcome to nutrition and lifestyle school – make yourself a cup of spearmint tea and enjoy practicing selfcare, eating yummy food, moving your body – all with a smile on your face!

Pick a Program or session and let’s get going!

PCO to Happiness Program

PCOS to Happiness Program

Take control of your PCOS

I have packed all of my knowledge about PCOS, my personal experience, what I’ve learned working with fellow cysters and tons of recipes, guides and activities into this transformational group coaching program.

Have a look if you are ready to take control of your PCOS.

PCOS to Happiness Program Plus

PCOS to Happiness Program - PLUS

Work 1:1 with me as your coach

I know some of you need more personal support. Get the PCOS to Happiness Program, and additionally, work closely with me as your coach.

 I will support you, cheer you on, and hold you accountable until you reach the finish line!

PCOS to Happiness Program Plus

1:1 Coaching Session

Meet me for a private coaching Call

Book a private PCOS coaching session with me.

Together, we will work on your next milestones in overcoming PCOS. 

After the session, you will receive a follow-up email with handouts, guides and recipes. 


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