continue Your Weight Loss Journey Together with Nadine and…

Create Your Personal PCOS-Friendly Lifestyle

3 Months Program

Overcome limiting beliefs, keep creating healthy habits and Start living your best, symptom-free life!

HUrry! Spots will fill up fast!

Are you feeling tired of being Overweight and experiencing all these exhausting PCOS-Symptoms?

How Would you like to Lose Weight and Live a Symptom-Free LIfe?

This is exactly what this 3-Months Program is all about. It’s your Recipe to Continue your weight Loss journey and create a PCOS-Friendly Lifestyle, so you can take back control of your PCOS and feel happy and confident inside the body you’ve always wanted!

3 Months PCOS Program

This Program is for you If you…

  • Would like ongoing, personalized support and daily accountability

  • Want to continue to lose weight slowly and sustainably without cutting out your favorite foods

  • Would like to free yourself from emotional eating and binge eating attacks

  • Want to create your personal and sustainable PCOS-friendly lifestyle you will benefit from for the rest of your life

  • Are feeling stuck in a vicious cycle of bad habits you can’t seem to break out of

  • Are a busy woman running around all day taking care of business or your kids with limited time to eat healthily and take care of yourself

  • Are ready to be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself and fully show up in your own life and be there for your loved ones

  • Wanna bring on that sexy summer body!

If that’s you then I urge you to apply for the program today!

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Nadine Sommer

Founder of My Happy Ovaries

Dear Cyster

If you’re struggling to shed these extra PCOS pounds and create a sustainable PCOS-friendly lifestyle, I want you to know you’re not alone, and my 3-Months PCOS to Happiness Program was made with you in mind. 

Now, if you’re thinking, “There is NO way you can lose weight, reverse your PCOS symptoms, feel confident and happy without restricting your calories, and cutting out gluten and dairy…”

I'm here to tell you

You Can!

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly how I’ve been able to manage my PCOS…

And slim down while running a company,

moving around different countries, and without counting calories.

…If restrictive dieting does not work for you – on the contrary: it might even trigger binge eating attacks and you find it hard to say ”‘no” to having the occasional scoop of ice cream, a cookie with your coffee, or a handful of chips….then it’s time to apply for the program before spots are gone!

Nadine Sommer PCOS Coach Weight Loss Bootcamp

During the 3-Months Program, we will ignite your motivation and step-by-step add-in foods and lifestyle hacks that will improve your metabolism and balance your hormones, so you can burn fat, have regular cycles, clear skin free from acne, shiny and thick hair, a flat belly, more energy and be in a happy mood.

As we do it together, you will find accountability and personalized support. You’ll also get access to over 100 video sessions on nutrition and lifestyle, 10 PCOS-friendly workouts, meditation sessions, and a variety of handouts in the form of guides and activities. 

All Done Without Restrictive Dieting

But don’t wait! This program is going to fill up fast and there are limited spots available!

So, if you are here now and you are ready to take back control of your health and begin to look and feel amazing again then hit the button below and save your seat for my 3-Months PCOS to Happiness Program now!

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Here's what you can expect

During our 3 months together:

Part 1

Find your Motivation, Overcome limiting beliefs and Break free from Harmful habits

We’ll start your program by creating a vision of what you really want regarding your health, relationships, and what will truly make you happy. We’ll work on overcoming your limiting beliefs – the stories you’ve been telling yourself  – why you don’t deserve certain things or can’t achieve your goals, and we’ll create a set of habits that will allow you to reach your goals and create your personal, PCOS-friendly lifestyle you will benefit from for the rest of your life. 

Woman eating breakfast

Part 2

Nutrition and Lifestyle Hacks

You will understand your specific type of PCOS and I will support you to get further testing done if needed. 

We will focus on creating your personal, PCOS-friendly lifestyle based on self-care, stress management, nutrition, supplements, and exercise.

We will focus on balancing your blood sugar, liver detox, gut health, reducing inflammation, and weight loss, so you can burn fat, balance your hormones naturally and witness your PCOS symptoms disappear. 

Women walking

Part 3

Accountability & Support

Studies show that you have a 90% chance of achieving your goals if you have support and accountability. 

We will meet every 2 weeks for a 1-hour accountability call where we’ll talk about what went well and I will coach you through any obstacles you may face. We’ll review goals and set 2-3 new milestones each session.

You will also get access to my meal planning platform where I will share customized meal plans with you.

I will check in with you via Whatsapp from time to time to see how things are going and you can reach out to me anytime for support.


Coffee and PCOS

Why spend upwards of $5’000 for restrictive (and inefficient) weight loss programs…

...if you can lose weight sustainably

with an unrestrictive plan that works with your lifestyle

(The answer is a no brainer)

So click that button below now and Apply for a spot in the 3-Months PCOS to Happiness Program!

Ready to become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself within the next 12 weeks?

What you can expect from the 3 Months PCOS to Happiness Program!


The Program

Unhappy woman with PCOS
  • Stuck in an unhealthy cycle of dieting that yields zero results

  • Feeling frustrated and helpless not knowing what else to do to lose the weight

  • Giving into cravings and binge eating attacks that make you feel guilty and keep you from reaching your weight loss goals

  • Wanting to cry when you see yourself in the mirror

  • Stuggling with severe PCOS symptoms reaching from acne, hair loss and depression to irregular periods and infertility


The Program

Healthy woman with PCOS after the bootcamp
  • Following a non-restrictive and flexible weight loss plan that works with your lifestyle

  • Feeling hopeful and motivated to keep going even after the challenge

  • Quickly seeing improvements in your PCOS symptoms such as decreased acne and regular cycles

  • Increased chances to conceive

  • Being full of energy, glowing with confidence and totally in love with your body

  • Showing up fully in your personal and work life

Here's everything you get

When You Apply For the Program Today!

  • 6 private coaching sessions (plus one extra for free)

  • Personalized meal plans and access to my meal-planning platform

  • The PCOS to Happiness Cookbook with over 100 PCOS-friendly recipes

  • Access to the digital PCOS to Happiness program with over 20 hours of video content on PCOS nutrition, lifestyle, workouts, meditations, and handouts in the form of cheat sheets, checklists, activities, and guides

  • Accountability and personalized support

Normally $1’499

Today: 997

Only 2 Spots Available!

Got Questions? I’m here for you: nadine@myhappyovaries.com

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