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Coaching Program

Get my most comprehensive PCOS Program – your complete ACTION PLAN to take control of your PCOS symptoms, lose weight and regain your fertility!

Welcome, Cyster!

Whether you’re struggling with irregular or absent periods, excess weight, are feeling tired all the time, don’t know what to eat or cook for PCOS, suffer from cravings and binge eating attacks, lack confidence because your hair is falling out and you just can’t get rid of your acne, or are worried about being able to ever have a baby, I got you covered!


This 12-week PCOS to Happiness Program is packed with science- and experience-based knowledge and practical action steps that will take away all confusion, help you lose weight without dieting, and take control of your symptoms. 

To fuel your success, the program puts great emphasis on overcoming limiting believes, creating your unstoppable mindset and establishing healthy habits you will benefit from for the rest of your life.


Joining this program also means becoming a part of the PCOS to Happiness community, whose cysters understand exactly what you’re going through and are always willing to give their support.

Imagine this...

You get a normal period every month, your hormones are balanced, because you ovulate and you're enjoying the feelings of peace and tranquility that come with it.

♡ You have a box full of healthy and delicious recipes at your disposal and always know what to eat, allowing yourself to indulge from time to time.

♡ You're in control of your emotions and have stable mood and energy levels.

♡ You fit into your favorite clothes again.

♡ You look and feel great - your digestion is running smooth, your belly is flat, your hair is shiny and your skin is spotless.

♡ You get pregnant naturally and have a beautiful baby.

Your Roadmap to Happiness

Introducing the 12-Week

PCOS to Happiness

PCOS to Happiness Program

Your A to Z action plan to take control of your PCOS symptoms, lose weight and restore fertility, delivered to you via 70 video sessions, a workbook, a cookbook, meal plans and amazing bonuses!

It took me years of suffering, studying and time wasted on trial and error to finally understand this complex syndrome called PCOS, before I was finally able to help myself and dozens of women with PCOS manage their symptoms naturally.

 I want to help you too, cyster, so you don’t need years, but just 12 weeks to create your personal, PCOS-friendly lifstyle and thrive with PCOS! This program is all you’ll ever need to manage your PCOS.

It’s time to hand over my step-by-step system to you!

Enroll today! Program starts June 6th, 2022!

Bring all this know-how into your life

What's Inside the Program?



W1 - Understand Your PCOS

By the end of the first week you’re going to be an expert on PCOS and know your specific type.

We’ll cover everything from hormones, the endocrine system, the menstrual cycle, metabolism to PCOS – symptoms, diagnosis, testing, root causes, types, risk factors and common conventional treatments.

You’ll be able to master doctor appointments and will know exactly what tests to get done and whether your test results fall within the optimal range.

W2 - Create An Unstoppable Mindset

We’ll start off week 2 by creating a vision for your health and well being and finding your motivation.

By the end of the week you’re going to be an expert on macro-and micronutrients and understand how your body metabolizes carbs, fat and protein.

You’ll start taking measurements and make some basic calculations, e.g of your basal metabolic rate.





W3 - Load Up on Nutrients for Hormonal Balance

Once you’re finished with week 3, all your questions regarding a PCOS-friendly diet will be answered and I will teach you a powerful strategy that allows you to make gradual changes in your diet and create healthy habits.

We’ll work on overcoming perfectionism and you’ll move forward through this program with self-love and enjoyment.

W4 - Balance Your Blood Sugar

By the end of week 4 you’ll understand why it’s so important to avoid spikes in blood sugar and how to monitor your blood glucose levels.

You’ll know what macronutrient ratio is best for hormonal balance, learn about foods and food combinations, supplements, and when and how to eat for balanced blood sugar levels.





W5 - Support Gut Health & Heal Inflammation

Should you go gluten- and dairy-free with PCOS? By the end of week 5 you’ll know what works best for you.

You’ll implement dietary and lifestyle shifts that help reduce inflammation inside your body, identify food sensitivities and eat for optimal digestive health. 

Forget about excess gas, bloating, constipation, cramping, brain fog, fatique and moodiness after eating. Nobody will ever ask you again if you’re pregnant when you’re not!

W6 - Stress Management Techniques

This week is dedicated to stress-management. You’ll learn a variety of relaxation techniques and implement those into your daily routine.

You’ll finally be able get some good nights of quality sleep and are going to see great improvements in your PCOS symptoms.

We’ll also talk about the benefits and downsides of caffeine and I’ll make it easy for you to find tasty alternatives.





W7 - How to Exercise with PCOS

If you’re into cardio, HIIT and strength training, I’ve got a special treat for you: We’re gonna work out together! With this program you’ll get a total of 10 sessions!

You’ll be able to experiment with a variety of ways to move your body and find a suitable and sustainable workout routine for yourself.

I will also share a variety of PCOS-friendly protein shakes with you, which you can enjoy after your workout.

W8 - Sustainable Weight Loss without Dieting

In this week, you’ll learn all the tricks to lose weight with PCOS in the most non-restrictive and sustainable way possible. You’ll gradually drop a pound or two per week.

I will teach you everything you need to know if you want to go on a ketogenic diet for PCOS.

We’ll also look into a variety of additional diets such as the Paleo and Mediterranean diet.





W9 - Detox Your Body and Support YOur Thyroid

In week 9 you’ll learn how to lower estrogen levels and increase progesterone levels.

You’ll make changes that help clean up your body and reduce your exposure to toxins. You’ll know what to eat and what supplements to take to support your liver in its detoxification process.

You’ll implement diet and lifestyle shifts that favor optimal thyroid function and thus, speed up your metabolism and support your fertility.

W10 - Emotional Well-Being & Cravings

You’ll understand the emotional and physiological root causes that can lead to sugar cravings and emotional eating, also known as binge eating or stress eating. You’ll develop techniques that will help you overcome cravings and binge eating attacks.

We’ll also work on overcoming limiting believes and how to tackle mood disorders such as mood swings, depression, and anxiety.





W11 - Tackling Acne, Hair loss & Hirsutism

By the end of this week, you’ll be able to better understand what is causing your hair loss, acne and hirsutism and what to do about it. 

You’ll also improve your body image and confidence and experiment with mindfulness and intuitive eating. 

W12 - Cycle Tracking/Prepare for pregnancy

In this week you’ll learn all about cycle tracking and FAMs (Fertility Awareness Methods) that will allow you to understand and live in tune with your cycle to an even greater degree.

Are you a cyster that is ready to have a baby? Then listen up! It’s time to prepare for pregnancy then! We’ll start off by improving your egg quality. You’ll also know exactly when you’re ovulating and how to turn up that libido of yours, so you’re free to let loose when your fertile days are on! 



Here's everything you'll get:

Let's Talk Bonuses

The PCOS to Happiness Program

Forget about conflicting information and confusion with zero results. 

In the PCOS to Happiness Program, I’m teaching you all you need to know to take control of your PCOS with over 20 hours of video content, recipes, worksheets and guides.

Each week I’m sharing  a variety of action steps with you, so you’ll know exactly what to do to balance your hormones, heal your metabolism and get rid of your symptoms.

Weekly Live Group Q&A CAlls viA Zoom

Every Monday night at 8pm (GMT+4, Dubai), starting June 20thwe will get together for our weekly live calls, where I will be answering your questions, solve problems via live coaching and we’ll cheer each other on and celebrate success.

Weekly Zoom Calls PCOS Coaching
Ticket PCOS to Happiness Workshop

Bonus #2 - Ticket to retreat

You’re getting a free ticket to the PCOS to Happiness Virtual Retreat on Saturday, September 10th, 2022.

This will be a half-day retreat, in which we’ll work on your consistency and ability to reach your health goals. You’ll also be able to connect with your fellow cysters.

Bonus #3 - Exclusive FB Group

Join our small and exclusive Facebook group reserved only for those who have purchased this program. Ask questions and celebrate success.

Connect deeply with fellow cysters, find an accountability partner, cheer each other on and benefit from the additional support.

Sarah A., Nutrition student

"Nadine has helped me better plan my meals, assisted me on various types of tests to get done which could help lead to the root causes of my PCOS."

Her helpful tips and suggestions as well as vast knowlege in PCOS has helped me reach the goals I’ve set. 

I have seen significant changes in my symptoms, my hair’s growing back, my diet has greatly improved. I have no more inflammation and my weight has improved as well.

Nadine is a very sweet and patient person, she listened to all my concerns and addressed each one with precise efficiency. Her bubbly personality makes her easy to talk to and her genuine concern for your health makes her the perfect mentor.

Sounds Great!

So How Much Does it Cost?

The Program will start June 6th, 2022. If you'll enroll today you'll get:

The PCOS to Happiness Coaching Program – Over 70 video sessions with more than 20 hours of content!! (Value AED1,997/$544)

The PCOS to Happiness Workbook, Guides & Handouts (Value AED497/$135)

The PCOS to Happiness Cookbook (Value AED347/$95)

4 PCOS-Friendly Meal Plans (Value AED497/$135)

Access to our Exclusive Facebook Support Group (Value AED197/$56)

Weekly Group Calls via Zoom starting June 20th (Value AEDValue AED4164/$1,134)

A Ticket to the PCOS to Happiness Virtual Retreat on Saturday, September 10th (Value AED997/$271)

Whip out that calculator - That's a total value of AED8,696/$2,368!!

I really care about you, cyster, and I want to give as many women as possible the chance to participate in this life-changing program.

So, you’ll get all of the above for just…


Best Value!

4 Monthly Payments of AED261/$68

Best Savings!

A One-Time Payment of AED949/$248

Gold Package

Add 6 private coaching sessions (45 min.) with Nadine


2 personalized meal plans to your program.

A One-Time Payment of AED2,997/$783


My Heartfelt

30 Days to Nourish, Try & See Results

I put all of my love, knowledge and experience into this coaching program. I truly believe that following the steps I lay out for you, you will see incredible results.

I created this digital program, because I felt that during my private coaching sessions, I could not give my clients everything I wanted to and had to find a better way to help them without paying thousands of dollars – now, the private sessions are a bonus and addition to what is inside this program.

The course is packed with amazing activities, guides and handouts, all tailored to your individual needs – whether it’s weight loss, overcoming cravings and emotional eating, healing your acne or having a baby. You will find what you are looking for. 

It’s also full of tasty recipes (believe me, I’m a foodie) and easy to follow, thought-through and flexible meal plans.

Besides all of that, you get to connect with fellow cysters who will support you along the way during our group calls and inside the Facebook group. 

If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with what I have to offer, contact me at nadine@myhappyovaries.com within the first 30 days after the doors to the program have opened and I’ll send you a refund right away.


Meet the woman behind the PCOS to Happiness Program

Hi! I'm Nadine Sommer

I’m a PCOS Coach, recipe creator, gym lover, food photographer and cat mom. I’m passionate about helping other cysters take control of their PCOS and live a life full of health, happiness and fertility.

I’m an educator and a woman, who overcame her own health issues and in turn, was able to help dozens of other women do the same and thus build a successful health coaching practice.

Don’t get me wrong – when it comes to managing PCOS, there is no one-size-fits all approach to healing, but after overcoming my own symptoms and working with many women with PCOS, I understand what you need.

This digital coaching program gives me the opportunity to share so much more knowledge with you cysters out there, than I would be able to during a handful of one-on-one consultations.

It’s my gift to the world and I’m hoping to reach as many women as possible, so they too, can thrive with PCOS. 


“It all began with a sequence of Fateful events including a lot of pelvic pain and a visit to the emergency room…”

My Story in a Nutshell

The emergency doctors finally discovered my raptured ovarian cyst, which my gynecologist failed to see (after 3 visits!), even though it had grown to 5 cm in diameter at the time. Of course I changed my doctor after that…

To be honest with you, I don’t remember much of what my new doctor told me about 6 years ago, exept that I have small cysts on my ovaries and insulin resistance. She told me to cut all carbs, lose weight, put me on Metformin and birth control and gave me some prenatal vitamins to take.

At the time I was working as a teacher and had already started my health coach training some months ago. After graduation, I enrolled in an Alumni Hormone Course and at some point decided to work with women with PCOS. 

My training and learning about PCOS have help me overcome my own symptoms and build a successful coaching practice. This is where all my talents come together and everything I went through in life finally reveals its purpose. 

 To reach more women, I decided to pack everything I have learned and overcome myself into a comprehensive digital course.

PCOS Coach Nadine Sommer

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the program include 1:1 sessions with you?

Only the Gold Package includes 1:1 sessions with me, however, you can buy and book private sessions with me anytime. 


How long will I have access to the program?

There will be lifetime access to the PCOS to Happiness Program.


What if I’m not satisfied with the program?

There’s a 30-day money back guarantee. You’ll have access to the program for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied, I’ll give you a refund right away!

Do you help us get pregnant?

Yes! The aim of this program is to restore ovulation. You’ll also learn how to improve egg quality and create awareness of your most fertile days. 

We’ll establish hormonal balance that will favor a healthy and successful pregnancy.


How can I join the group calls?

Each week, I will send you an email with a meeting link. All you have to do is install Zoom – either on your computer or phone – and click on the invite link.



Will there be additional costs?

Not from my side, but you might wanna work closely with your doctor as well.

Jenni B., Business Owner

"I have learned so many tips and tricks to help with my mindset."

I used to define my worth by what I weigh, now I am more confident and doing the things I love and it’s helped me to climb out of the dark hole I was in.
I would describe my coach as calm, thorough, understanding, patient, very knowledgeable – she knows her stuff!

If you were ready YESTERDAY to take control of your PCOS and regain your energy, reclaim your fertility and feel happy again, then it's time to join the PCOS to Happiness Program and get:

✩  The PCOS to Happiness Digital Coaching Program

✩  The PCOS to Happiness Workbook, Guides & Handouts

✩  The PCOS to Happiness Cookbook

✩  4 PCOS-Friendly Meal Plans

✩  Weekly live Group Q&A Sessions via Zoom

✩  One Ticket to the PCOS to Happiness Virtual Retreat

✩  Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group

Say Goodbye to…

…Dieting and Binge EatinG

Create the right mindset and say goodbye to cravings, over-eating and emotional eating forever. Forget about diet culture and torturing your body. Learn to love yourself and nourish your body and soul.


Get science- and experience-backed information on living a PCOS-friendly lifestyle. Leave the jungle of conflicting information and confusion for once and for all.


It’s time to bring back ovulation, which is the star of your monthly period show. Get regular periods and have a baby naturally without expensive and exhausting fertility treatments.

Best Value!

4 Monthly Payments of AED261/$68

Best Savings!

A One-Time Payment of AED949/$248

Gold Package

Add 6 private coaching sessions (45 min.) with Nadine


2 personalized meal plans to your program.

A One-Time Payment of AED2,997/$783


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