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I'm Nadine Sommer.

PCOS Health Coach, Recipe Creator, Food Photographer, PCOS Food & Lifestyle Blogger, YouTuber and big time Foodie!

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PCOS Health Coach Nadine Sommer Dubai


I'm PCOS Coach Nadine and I help you take control of your PCOS holistically - meaning, I help you create a PCOS-friendly lifestyle including diet, supplementation, exercise, stress-management and self-care. 

I’m super passionate about coaching and helping women (starting with myself).

I want you to be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

PCOS is a complex syndrome and requires attention in a variety of areas, reaching from healing your metabolism and overcoming emotional disorders to moving your body the right way.

I hope, I will be able to support you on your unique journey.

Start by taking the PCOS Quiz, download the free recipe book or check out my blog. 

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This is kinda like the Wikipedia of PCOS - Except with recipes!

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Learn more about PCOS, what it is and how to manage it naturally. Gain insights in my life and get cooking with me in the kitchen – all recipes are especially designed for cysters!


Whichever Part of your PCOS journey you're on...

Coaching with Nadine

Hey Cyster! Whether you just got diagnosed with PCOS or have been trying to manage it for a while now. Whichever part of your journey you’re on, I would love to help and support you in taking control of your PCOS, so you can revive your fertility, regain your energy and feel your happiest and healthiest. Check out my PCOS to Happiness Program and the PLUS version of it.

I have seen significant changes in my symptoms, my hair's growing back, my diet has greatly improved. I have no more inflammation and my weight has improved as well.

Nadine is a very sweet and patient person, she listened to all my concerns and addressed each one with precise efficiency. Her bubbly personality makes her easy to talk to and her genuine concern for your health makes her the perfect mentor.

- Sarah A., Nutrition Student

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