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I’m a PCOS Coach, Hormonal Health Expert and the founder of “My Happy Ovaries”.

I help you figure out the root causes of YOUR PCOS and I offer support in making targeted lifestyle shifts involving diet, stress management, self-care, exercise and supplementation in oder to alleviate your symptoms naturally, bring hormones back into balance and improve the condition of your overall health. 

I offer 3-months or 6-months coaching programs. Each of my programs is tailored around a client’s individual needs and circumstances. 

Check out my group coaching options as well. Having a bunch of cysters cheering you on will surely get you to the finish line!

Feel free to meet me for a complimentary PCOS Health Consultation. Take some time to fill out the Health History Form and I will get right back to you. 

Change your mindset, diet & lifestyle and feel your best with PCOS!

My Coaching Programs

How Can I Help You?

I work with women long-term, offering support in making targeted lifestyle shifts and changes in nutrition, so you can feel and look your best. Check out my individual coaching programs. For a tighter budget you can also apply for a group coaching program. It is amazing where the support of a coach and fellow cysters that cheer you on along the way can get you!

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"Coaching Group"

A 3-months  group coaching program where you aren’t only supported and held accountable by me, but also by fellow group members.

Including many coaching sessions, recipes, workbook and so much more!


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The 90-day signature program helping you take control of your PCOS. Including many coaching sessions, recipes, workbook and so much more!

My happy


A 6-months transformational coaching program. Develop a healthy, PCOS-friendly lifestyle so you can thrive with PCOS. Including many coaching sessions, recipes, workbook and so much more!

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Breakfast Recipes

My e-book contains 10 PCOS breakfast recipes that are designed for women with PCOS. The recipes are based on fighting inflammation, keeping blood sugar stable and supporting gut health. 

Starting the day with a PCOS friendly breakfast will set the right tone for a great day!

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I have learned so many tips and tricks to help with my mindset. I used to define my worth by what I weigh, now I am more confident and doing the things I love and it’s helped me climb out of the dark hole I was in.

I would describe my coach as calm, thorough, understanding, patient, very knowledgeable – she knows her stuff!

Jennifer B.


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