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Hi! I'm Nadine

As PCOS Health Coach, I help you figure out the root causes of YOUR PCOS and I offer support in making targeted lifestyle shifts involving diet, self-care, stress management, exercise and supplementation in order to alleviate your symptoms naturally, bring hormones back into balance and improve the condition of your overall health.  

I offer 3-months or 6-months coaching programs, as well as single coaching sessions. Each of my programs are tailored around a client’s individual needs and circumstances. 

Feel free to meet me for a complimentary PCOS Health Consultation.. Take some time to fill out the Health History Form and I will get right back to you. 

Change your mindset, diet & lifestyle and feel your best with PCOS!

How Can I Help You?

My private coaching programs consist of multiple coaching sessions and will be adapted to your individual needs. 

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"Coaching Session"

An individual coaching session that can help you identify what is holding you back and find support in taking the next step towards managing your PCOS.

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The 90-day signature program helping you take control of your PCOS. Including many coaching sessions, recipes and workbook.

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A 6-months transformational coaching program. Develop a healthy, PCOS-friendly lifestyle so you can thrive with PCOS. Including many coaching sessions, recipes and workbook.

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Breakfast Recipes

My E-book contains 10 PCOS breakfast recipes that are designed for women with PCOS. Starting the day with a PCOS friendly breakfast will set the right tone for a great day!

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I have learned so many tips and tricks to help with my mindset. I used to define my worth by what I weigh, now I am more confident and doing the things I love and it’s helped me climb out of the dark hole I was in.

I would describe my coach as calm, thorough, understanding, patient, very knowledgeable – she knows her stuff!

Jennifer B.